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Assaulted by Religion: The Trump Administration, Chauvinism and Contraception

Note: If you’re looking for a politically correct reaction to Donald’s recent attack, please look elsewhere. We ain’t got time for niceties now.

Last Friday, the Trump Administration took another swing at women’s rights (read: human rights). Trump and Co. moved to expand the right of businesses and employers to deny women insurance coverage for contraception and if that wasn’t enough, also started to erode civil liberties and protections of America’s LGBT community. NYT cites this move as a concrete step towards fulfilling his desire to “ not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced anymore.” But, in so protecting people of faith, he has systematically and affirmatively denied, targeted and bullied women across faiths, political leanings, socio-economic status and age. In so seeking to be the white savior of Christianity, he has suffocated the right of agnostic, atheist, faithful (et seq.) Americans to be safe and secure in their persons.

In pursuing this archaic and misogynistic step towards female oppression, the Trump administration has effectively stated that women have one choice and one choice only: babies. [P.S. Donald and friends, if you’re so worried about the babies, reverse your cut to CHIP.] It doesn’t matter if you’re unable to provide for your child, if you get pregnant, which you undoubtedly will without contraception, you’re expected to bring that child to term, because you obviously don’t have a right to an abortion. It doesn’t matter if you and your partner decide that you’d rather have fur-babies. It doesn’t matter if you’re the victim of incest or rape or sexual violence. It doesn’t matter, because in Trump’s eyes, your body is a baby-making machine. Trump does not value the lives of girls and women.

The Trump Administration has been taking stab after stab against women and, quite frankly, it’s exhausting. At this point, a more effective and straightforward communication method would be for the Trump Administration to just own that they hate women.



Why? Because the health, care, and reproductive rights of millions of women now rest in the hands of religious zealots. Because now we have been told that our dreams, education and financial goals don’t matter, because if we get pregnant, we are to abandon those “liberal” plans and raise a baby we didn’t want. In granting an exception to the rules, Donald and Friends have allowed religious employers to deny women life-saving, rightfully owed contraception. It is not okay and perfectly legal for religious employers to impose their religious views, and the consequences thereof, on women across the board.

NYT quoted Vanita Gupta, a civil rights lawyer at the Justice Department during the Obama Administration: “The freedom of religion is a fundamental right, but it is not an absolute right. It cannot be used as a shield to permit discrimination.” Simply put: Yes, you get to practice your religion, but you can’t use your religion as justification for discriminating others. It seems simple when you think about it, really, especially when you remember that Jesus called everyone to “love each other.” (Oh, the irony).

For young working women, such as myself, these moves come together to mean one thing: Trump is literally working to bring women back into the household by denying them the tools needed to gain equal pay, education and employment opportunities. It’s not just anger that’s running through me, it’s outright terror. Men with wives, men with daughters, men with sisters all agreed that this was “good.” Men who live in this world and vote and engage in capitalistic ventures that help fund investments and future economic growth agreed this was “fair.” Men who walk on the same streets, visit the same coffee shops and ride on the same buses decided that this was “just.” Self-proclaimed gynoticians are literally deciding that they know more about women’s bodies and reproductive rights than we do and they are getting away with it.

For me, this isn’t just about religion and really, it isn’t about religion at all. Women who disagree with birth control won’t take birth control, and therefore won’t be impacted by this rollback. Women who would never get an abortion will never need the services of abortion providers. Women who dream only of having children may think they won’t be impacted by this rollback, and even women who may consider having children may not be concerned, and that’s fine. But for me, I’m pissed. Because you won’t take my access to my rightfully owed contraception, access to abortions, reproductive rights and visits with my doctor. You won’t take my dreams and stuff them down the cap of a baby bottle, and you certainly won’t take my degree and tell me it’s worth less than yours just because you think I should be a mother. You won’t, Donald, because it is literally my body. Have some decency.


Want to see what else Trump has done to endanger women? Check it.


1 thought on “Assaulted by Religion: The Trump Administration, Chauvinism and Contraception

  1. As a 60 something mother of 1, a PhD holding woman who waited until she was 36 before having a child- I understand the anger, frustration and outrage with POTUS and Friends. Somehow there is this belief that if we make birth control, abortion providers and all that goes along with these two naughties go away, women will just settle down and behave.
    Contraception and abortion have been with us since the dawn of time. Herbs and every known implement have been used to end a pregnancy-and often the mother’s life. Women who need and seek these services will continue to do so. If they are not provided by licensed medical providers-well, we just added another layer of problems to the Health Care Issue.
    Healthy, well educated women improve the outcomes of society. Women are often the gatekeepers for healthcare in their families and the ones more likely to make decisions regarding food, hospitals, medicine, vaccines, etc. Education, not kitchen duty, is necessary to stay informed and capable. Women, whether sex assigned or gender assigned, are more likely to be homework technicians. Again…requires the ability to be techno savy as well as “in the know”
    OK- what about those who chose an alternative lifestyle? What about Fur mommies? Again education is needed- have you SEEN the aisles at a pet store?
    I think what it boils down to is the ability to be RESPONSIBLE without POTUS and FRIENDS telling us what we do and don’t need. What should and should not be.
    Can we be responsible?

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