Consultations and Contacting Me

Wondering how to balance study abroad and school? 🤔

Questions about post-graduate life in the social justice field?

I offer consulting in the following areas:

  • Study Abroad and Long Term Objectives: Interested in studying abroad but wondering how the experience will help you in the long run? I offer consulting sessions that take your background, current schooling, and career goals into consideration when deciding which study abroad program or experience is right for you.
  • International Experience in Law School: How to find, apply to, and land international internships. I’ll walk you through the application process by helping you identify, connect with and apply with your chosen organization. Need help on resume or cover letter writing? Send me your drafts and we’ll collaborate together!
  • Social Justice and Law: How to curate your law school experience to exemplify your social justice mission and enhance your post-graduate career. We’ll take a look at your school’s course offerings, local opportunities and ways to incorporate your mission into law journal articles, volunteer work and every day life.
  • Choosing Law: Wondering if law is the right choice? We’ll sit down together to talk about your end goals, your financial situation and your previous experience to determine whether law school is going to get you where you want to be.

My promise to you: I am unaffiliated to any school, program or organization. The consultations I provide are based on seven years of successfully navigating the international non-profit arena and are given to you as a tool for empowerment. Each consultation session includes a “Destination Power Plan,” a personalized, tangible and action-oriented task list to help you get to where you want to go.

Have a fear of commitment but still curious? Send me a note and we’ll discuss which session might be right for you.