Endings: An Exposition

They’re inevitable.


In every season, every chapter, and every journey, there exists an end, a stopping point, a conclusion. Our relationships end, our careers end, our lives end, and while we never stop growing or learning, there are spells of our lives that end in order to propel us to the next portion of our sojourn.

Sometimes our seasons are longer, stretching out over years and even decades. These dramatically prolonged seasons nourish lifelong relationships and lasting support networks. There is time to go deep and peel back the layers and protective boundaries of fellow companions, because the relationships aren’t rushed, and there is time. The love you build is unbreakable and the bonds are true, connecting to each other’s souls in a way that cannot be found during any other spell in life.

These seasons build strength and trust and courage. They promote powerful and meaningful understanding of one’s self, even if that understanding doesn’t manifest until a different season. Slow seasons are introspective and magnetic, promoting the development of not only the mind, but the spirit.

Other times, our seasons are shorter. Rapid and fleeting because the lessons are heavy or the challenges appear insuperable. They are fast, quick and exhausting. They pass like lightning and sometimes leave destruction of things that we think we need to rebuild.

Be still.

Our human minds and hearts are eager to begin searching for answers and repair obvious damage before we consider the reasons why the Universe may have caused the destruction in the first place. Short seasons are times of rapid permutation and necessary adjustments. It’s a time for energetic growth, rapid metamorphosis and tectonic emotions.

They’re also the time for the deepest level of healing and reinvention. Through these short seasons, we learn our true passions and strengths. We learn that, not only are we evolving into different versions of ourselves, for better or for worse, but we are moving towards greater awareness and deeper knowledge of our beings. It is through this chaos that we determine our strength and worth. It is through tumultuous transformation that we begin to understand the operational patterns of not only ourselves, but of the society we live in and the world we all inhabit.

So, when an ending comes, do not shy away from it, but embrace it. Embrace its power to transform you. Understand its purpose on the journey. Praise its jurisdictional regency to close doors and create new possibilities.

Worship your metamorphosis and welcome the ending.

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