Pursuit of Justice

A Rallying Call: He has Fear. We have Courage.

Edited from original post dating 11/26/2016.

…And therefore, in the midst of all this “fear” it is incumbent upon us to be brave. It is our duty to ensure that this  does not continue. It is our duty to be courageous.

If you never considered yourself a social justice advocate an accomplice before, consider it now. We call upon everyone to stand up for justice and decency. To stand by your veiled sister on the train. To stand by your black brother when the police stop him. To demand respect and equality for women.To hold the hands of the oppressed and to raise them up, to assist in dismantling oppressive regimes.  To stand. To demand. To protect. 

We will rise up in the age of Trump. And we will fight to the end and beyond. It’s important now that we begin our rally. It’s important now that we band together and realize that this is not the end. This is the beginning of our fight.

Let this be our rallying call to revolution.

Let this light a fire in you so bright that we forge together in  unity so strong that no one can tear us apart.

To my brothers and sisters that have been attacked, belittled and scorned during this election period and subsequent presidency: I stand by you, I will watch your horizons and your back. I will use my voice, my heart and my abilities to hoist you, to support you, to be your ally. To be your accomplice.

This is a call to all of my advocates, my warriors, my friends, my footstompers and noisemakers, protesters and dissidents, comrades and powerhouses:

Grieve now, because we must fight together tomorrow.


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